My 25 Bold Sports Predictions for the Next Five Years

So much debate and controversy in the sports world these days, which makes it a never ending topic. Sometimes things move fast, other times we wonder why it never happened. Well, here are my predictions in the sports world for the next five years. As I’m writing this on 8/3/2018, it will be fun to revisit this on 8/3/2023 to see which came true. I’m gonna put in my iPhone calendar now as a reminder  Ironically #83 is my lucky number that I wore in football and baseball. Let’s see what happens!

  1. Seattle and Las Vegas will be the next cities to get an NBA Expansion team. 
  2. Memphis Grizzles and the Dallas Mavericks will move to the NBA East
  3. The Pittsburgh Steelers will play the Los Angeles Rams in the 2019 Super Bowl
  4. There will be Sports Betting kiosks at every stadium and arena around the country
  5. Fans will be able to be Virtual Reality courtside season tickets to watch their favorite team
  6. College players will finally get paid (something) after the universities make soo much money off them
  7. More professional players will create their own brands competing with the likes of the big shoe and apparel companies
  8. Pete Rose will get into the Baseball Hall of Fame
  9. eSports players will be as popular as today’s athletes
  10. Donovan Mitchell will become the NBA’s most exciting player to watch
  11. MLS Soccer will expand by 6 more teams
  12. West Coast football will be great again (LA Rams, Las Vegas Raiders, San Francisco 49ers). They will win at least 2 of the next 5 Super Bowls
  13. DeShaun Watson will be the #1 QB in fantasy football after this season
  14. Every NFL player will have a camera in their helmet so fans can watch their favorite athletes Play by Play
  15. LeBron James will be the first NBA athlete to play on the same team as his son, LeBron Jr. and win an NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers.
  16. Seattle and Quebec will be the next two cities awards an NHL expansion team
  17. Bryce Harper will sign a long term deal with the Chicago Cubs
  18. The College Football BCS will expand to 8 teams
  19. Tiger Woods will win another major
  20. Tim Tebow will make it to the majors
  21. Johnny Manziel will be a starting QB for an NFL team again
  22. The New York Jets and Giants go back to their way better logos from the 80’s and 90’s
  23. The Orlando Magic will sell to a group of investors that #MakeOrlandoGreatAgain
  24. Team USA wins the 2022 World Cup
  25. The University of Central Florida will win their 2nd National Championship in the next 5 years