I’ve always loved the way sports brings people together. There is an instant bond when one fans meets another fan, especially when in a different city. A hat, jersey or shirt immediately shows your team loyalty to another die hard fan, creating that trust. But on one day at the KatyTrail IceHouse in Dallas, Texas that went to a whole new level. I wanted to share this story for a while but now seems to be the perfect time as you will find out why. About a year ago I decided to wear my purple Orlando City Soccer jersey to Katy Trail IceHouse, a very popular outdoor patio BBQ hang out. I went with my buddy Derek Shaw who jokingly said that nobody will know who that jersey is, which is very popular in Orlando, the city I grew up and started my companies.  I explained to Derek how Orlando City Soccer was all the buzz in OTown right now. We meet up with another Orlando friend of mine there named Andrea Kelly who had a picnic table saved for the group. As we got there, I immediately had three people come up to me saying “Sweet jersey, are you from … Continue reading