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Put Your Money Where Your “Business” Is

invest in your business

There are plenty of places to invest your hard earned money these days: real estate, stocks, gold, silver, bonds, CD’s and commodities. In this rough economy, is it really investing when it seems tougher to make money in volatile investments? It’s not fun seeing real estate prices cut in 1/3 or your stocks dropping faster then the Red Sox did late in the 2011 season. With all of these investment options, you really have no control of what could happen. It’s all speculation and nothing is guaranteed anymore. This volatility in the stock market is more than most can handle. Personally, I would rather invest in myself, my businesses and my work ethic, all of which you have some control of what’s going on. Many investors, entrepreneurs and business owners often overlook this option. Your business is something you can grow, generate revenue and maybe eventually sell. If your business is your passion and something you truly believe in, you gotta go all in and don’t hold back. In our era, digital property and Internet real estate can make you thousands of dollars more than any other investment. It’s exciting to meet with niche business owners, hear their story and … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Marketing – Dare to Do Something Different

guerilla marketing

In any marketing campaign, you gotta be dare to be different. Many times, off the wall marketing ideas that are different from the norm, can have the most viral effect. The whole point of marketing is to get people talking about your products and services. The funny part is that the most effective campaigns are the ones that people think are initially stupid or don’t seem to make sense, but in fact, those are the marketing campaign’s consumers talk about the most. A great example is Old Spice’s new marketing campaign. The commercials are so strange, but so awesome at the same time. They have completely revived their brand, which was perceived as “Old” just a few years ago. No pun intended. Mission accomplished for the advertiser by daring to be different. After seeing other brands do it, I decided to come up with some clever ideas of my own. During the 2010 Orlando Magic season, I created the StayDwight campaign, to help convince Dwight to stay in Orlando and eventually retire in a Magic uniform. During the playoffs against the Hawks, I decided to dress up two of my friends in Gorilla suits with StayDwight shirts on and sit … Continue reading

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Branding Yourself…On the Web

Branding yourself on the Internet

As you go through life in the business world, branding yourself as the expert in a specific field is the most important thing you can do to gain credibility among potential clients. Whether you are an athlete, celebrity, journalist, fashion model, attorney, financial advisor, website developer or personal trainer, showing people you are the best at your trade will associate you with your industry for years to come. The Internet is the most cost effective and creative way to brand your self. I promise you, a domains name such as “” will be the best $9.99 investment you will ever make ( First have a designer create a logo that represents yourself and one that you are proud to stand behind. Besides your physical appearance, your company logo is the first impression of what you represent. Then with a creative web developer and a crafty search engine marketer, you can now easily become the expert and leader in your industry. On your website and social media networks, give people daily or weekly tips that provide valuable advice in your industry. Once you create a following, give your site visitors’ website sharing tools such as to make your expertise go … Continue reading

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Everyone Has Ideas

You hear it everyday. Someone you know has this great new idea that they are very passionate about and want to start a new business. That’s great and all, but then you ask the question: How do you plan on making money? Then they freeze up. My advice is to begin with the end in mind. Figure out your revenue model, then work backwards. But first make sure it’s something that you truly believe in, that other people will have a use for and an idea that is going to get the attention it deserves, not just a side project.

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Ryan’s New Contribution to the Web World

Business networking

I like creating new things, coming up with cool new ideas, etc. I’m not a huge fan of writing, but from time to time I’ll provide my thoughts and opinions of a variety of topics such as sports marketing, new business ideas, social media trends and business networking. The web allows us to share our opinions with the world and help others be the best they can be as well. Life is too short not to share our knowledge with close friends and followers.

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