Put Your Money Where Your “Business” Is

Put Your Money Where Your “Business” Is

invest in your businessThere are plenty of places to invest your hard earned money these days: real estate, stocks, gold, silver, bonds, CD’s and commodities. In this rough economy, is it really investing when it seems tougher to make money in volatile investments? It’s not fun seeing real estate prices cut in 1/3 or your stocks dropping faster then the Red Sox did late in the 2011 season. With all of these investment options, you really have no control of what could happen. It’s all speculation and nothing is guaranteed anymore. This volatility in the stock market is more than most can handle.

Personally, I would rather invest in myself, my businesses and my work ethic, all of which you have some control of what’s going on. Many investors, entrepreneurs and business owners often overlook this option. Your business is something you can grow, generate revenue and maybe eventually sell. If your business is your passion and something you truly believe in, you gotta go all in and don’t hold back.

In our era, digital property and Internet real estate can make you thousands of dollars more than any other investment. It’s exciting to meet with niche business owners, hear their story and give my two cents. Most are already successful, but have even touched the surface of what the web can do for them. Once you teach them how to propel their business on the web, a whole new world of investment opportunities cultivate.

Many people just strategize how to target local business, but you have to think global. Even if you don’t have a physical presence in an out of town market, you can easily have a web presence there. And if you don’t want to handle business out of you market, why not find someone who does, refer it out and take a cut. If you already have a website, see an expert about how to make it better. Your website is what you stand for. Here is my best advice on where to invest your money:

1) Invest in a keyword-rich domain name telling your customers exactly what you do. Recently I’ve helped my friends buy SportsPhotographer.net, HollywoodStuntCoordinator.com and GolfInstructors.org. By the sound of each domain name, there is no doubt what each business does. This will easily help Google figure that out as well. Wink, wink…Most good “keyword rich” domains are already purchased, but it’s worth the initial investment to go and make an offer.

2) Constantly build more content for your website. Hire a good content writer to create quality articles about your business. Maybe even hire a full time blogger to produce fresh articles everyday. You have to give your customers (and Google) new web content on a regular basis. Remember, content is king, and this won’t change!

3) Create a fresh new look for your company. Many business owners think just because they built a site 5 years ago, their work is done. How about your logo? Does it still resembled what you stand for? As years go by, you line of business will probably change as well. Spend the money to hire a good designer and web developer to freshen up your look. On the web, perception is reality!

4) Find creative ways to market your site. Having an SEO expert on your team is probably the most important part of this equation. If you have the best looking site and nobody finds it, what good is it? Be smart and put some money into building one way links to your site and hiring a reputable PR / web marketing firm to consult on things you aren’t an expert on.

Just my opinions based on past experience, these four tips may be the best investments you will ever make for your web business.

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