Know What You Know and Outsource the Rest

Know What You Know and Outsource the Rest

It’s never too late to learn, but in business there comes a point when you need to focus your value time on you skills and what you do best.  On the Internet you can find virtually anything you need, whether it’s a graphic designer, developer, content writer, marketer, financial analyst, brand developer and what ever else you desire.

There are plenty of websites to find talent for the services you need, and at great prices. Many sites offer a bid platform where you state the price you are willing to pay and people compete for your projects. Some of my favorites include,,, and Some services are great to outsource overseas, (those that are repetitive, time consuming and can be easily taught to someone).  You can find overseas help as low as $4 per hour, but make sure they provide you updates so they know your expectations from the beginning. Other services such as content writing are best to hire local or within the US so there are no language barriers.  Many business owners feel comfortable meeting and getting to know the people you are forming a working relationship with.  With the web, it’s very easy to see a person’s credibility, experience and skill set before hiring them.

If you are great at visualizing ideas and putting the pieces together, having a good team to outsource the rest will be priceless.  Over the years, I’ve been through numerous website developers, but finally found a group that knows my style and what I’m looking for, without wasting my time and money.  Sometimes it’s great to accept what you know and let other do what they do best. You will be much happier focusing on your passion and letting others focus on theirs. – RT

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