Guerrilla Marketing – Dare to Do Something Different

Guerrilla Marketing – Dare to Do Something Different

guerilla marketingIn any marketing campaign, you gotta be dare to be different. Many times, off the wall marketing ideas that are different from the norm, can have the most viral effect. The whole point of marketing is to get people talking about your products and services. The funny part is that the most effective campaigns are the ones that people think are initially stupid or don’t seem to make sense, but in fact, those are the marketing campaign’s consumers talk about the most. A great example is Old Spice’s new marketing campaign. The commercials are so strange, but so awesome at the same time. They have completely revived their brand, which was perceived as “Old” just a few years ago. No pun intended. Mission accomplished for the advertiser by daring to be different. After seeing other brands do it, I decided to come up with some clever ideas of my own.

During the 2010 Orlando Magic season, I created the StayDwight campaign, to help convince Dwight to stay in Orlando and eventually retire in a Magic uniform. During the playoffs against the Hawks, I decided to dress up two of my friends in Gorilla suits with StayDwight shirts on and sit them in the 2nd row. People thought it was nuts, but they were the biggest attraction that night at the Amway Center. Magic fans were taking pictures with them and even Hawks forward, Josh Smith was 0-7 from the free throw line in the first quarter because my gorilla’s were jumping up and down behind the basket, providing a little distraction. It was truly Guerrilla marketing at it’s finest.

Stay Dwight tieBut that was just the beginning. A few weeks later I received an email from Jonathan Ashton, Jeff Ashton’s son, the lead prosecutor in the Casey Anthony case. His Dad wore some crazy ties during trials and his family are huge Dwight Howard fans. He inquired about having a tie made that his Dad could wear and I did just that. A few days later, he wore it at the trial and got some TV exposure. It was one of the most popular topics trending on Twitter that day. Yes, it was controversial, but the national media seemed to talk about the fact that we was wearing this “StayDwight” necktie. It was free advertising for my StayDwight campaign, so I’m not complaining.

Although we are still awaiting Dwight’s decision next year, the campaign has been fun, got the chance to meet some great people and received some national attention on NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Yahoo!, ESPN and others.

The bottom line is that sometimes you have to take risks to have a viral effect. Your idea has to get people talking and be a little controversial. If you aren’t a little different, you are just another plain face in the crowd! – RT

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