Everyone Has Ideas

Everyone Has Ideas

You hear it everyday. Someone you know has this great new idea that they are very passionate about and want to start a new business. That’s great and all, but then you ask the question: How do you plan on making money? Then they freeze up. My advice is to begin with the end in mind. Figure out your revenue model, then work backwards. But first make sure it’s something that you truly believe in, that other people will have a use for and an idea that is going to get the attention it deserves, not just a side project.

You can’t always rely on making money from “advertising” on your website. Yes, you can serve Google Ads, but that’s not going to make you rich. Find a idea or current brick and mortar business, where there is a real business behind it and use the web to market it. City specific, niche businesses allow you the most creative ways to market through social media and search engines.  You can easily target your market and potential customers. So, what I’m saying is that before you decide to invest your valuable time and hard earned dollars into a new business idea, make sure you have already figured out a revenue model, or it will turn into just an expensive hobby taking up your precious time! – RT

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