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My 25 Bold Sports Predictions for the Next Five Years

So much debate and controversy in the sports world these days, which makes it a never ending topic. Sometimes things move fast, other times we wonder why it never happened. Well, here are my predictions in the sports world for the next five years. As I’m writing this on 8/3/2018, it will be fun to revisit this on 8/3/2023 to see which came true. I’m gonna put in my iPhone calendar now as a reminder 🙂 Ironically #83 is my lucky number that I wore in football and baseball. Let’s see what happens! Seattle and Las Vegas will be the next cities to get an NBA Expansion team.  Memphis Grizzles and the Dallas Mavericks will move to the NBA East The Pittsburgh Steelers will play the Los Angeles Rams in the 2019 Super Bowl There will be Sports Betting kiosks at every stadium and arena around the country Fans will be able to be Virtual Reality courtside season tickets to watch their favorite team College players will finally get paid (something) after the universities make soo much money off them More professional players will create their own brands competing with the likes of the big shoe and apparel companies Pete … Continue reading

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Why Every NFL Team Needs to Hire a Social Media Expert to Oversee All of Their Players Accounts

athlete tweeting

We see it everyday. An athlete will put their “foot in their mouth” and not even realize it until they press send. By then, it’s too late and has already gone viral (within seconds). As long as it takes to build up a positive reputation, you can destroy it with one tweet. If you have to think twice about sending a tweet, it probably shouldn’t be sent in the first place… As NFL teams have people in charge of their social media accounts, they need experts overseeing each and every player on the team to make sure inappropriate things aren’t being said and when it does, cleaning up messes quickly. Although fans worship athletes, those same athletes are still employees who work for a professional franchise. When NFL teams employ a player, they are representing the entire organization, on and off the field. Those “fans” and “followers” of that athlete are just like potential customers of a normal business who buy tickets, jerseys, merchandise, concessions and every thing else. If athletes spent more time interacting with people who praise them and not worrying about the “haters” creating “twitter wars”, it’s a fact they would sell more jerseys and merchandise. It … Continue reading

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Sports Team Marketing Mistakes, Ideas and Recommendations

Shea Stadium

Being a life long sports fan, I have probably been to over 1,000 live sporting events including NFL ,NBA, NHL, MLB and minor league baseball games. My Dad took me to my first games at Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium and the Meadowlands back in 1985. If I was lucky and the game went late, I didn’t have to go to school the next day. 🙂 The more games I went to, the more I got to understand how the sports business works and realized what could be changed or enhanced. There is much more to the sports industry than the 9 innings and 4 quarters we sit and watch. We have come a long way since my first games in 1985. Now with social media and the Internet, it’s so much easier to interact with fans and find out exactly what they want to enhance their sporting event experience (besides winning a championship, of course). I have found that many teams still lack the social media expertise, customer interaction, make many Internet mistakes, as well as in-game marketing blunders. I will outline some of my observations and some recommendations for your team, if you are reading this. Domain Name Mistakes … Continue reading

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How a Celebrity Can Profit from an Official Website

Official Celebrity Websites

Being a celebrity booking agent, I have a pretty good pulse on the industry. If you are a celebrity or athlete with a following and fan base, your website should be an entire separate entity that works as a cash register, while you do what you do best. An official website for a celebrity should be treated as their biggest marketing tool they have. Yes, Twitter and Facebook are huge marketing vehicles, but all traffic should lead right back to the official website. This way you control the message. With millions of pages on the Internet, often times people read and believe the first few results on Google. I talk to Hollywood agents all the time, even “marketing agents” who still don’t have an official website for their clients. That just baffles me that they are missing a huge opportunity to make their clients happy and even more important, “revenue”. Even if they do have an official site, 99% still aren’t monetizing the traffic to the fullest. If you are a celebrity with a fan base, you are a “brand” that can easily generate revenue off the field, court, runway or stage (for whichever you are famous for). When you … Continue reading

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“What Can I Do For You” is the Attitude All Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Have

Mark Cuban Shark Tank

I think many young entrepreneurs have it all backwards. Many are constantly asking others for free handouts and asking what can you do for me and that’s not the way it works in the world if you want to achieve long term success and work in a field you love. You gotta prove yourself to people first. Show that you are in the game for the long haul, a hard working hustler, without expecting instant gratification and monetary return. Don’t maintain a “you owe me” attitude from people. Most times you gotta do things out of the goodness of your heart and not expect anything in return. If you continue to do good things, it would come back 10x through another opportunity.  Sweat equity, your most valuable asset doesn’t cost anything except your valuable time. If you believe in “Karma”, like you should, everything will come back in the end. If you want to become an expert in a specific field, you have to give people free information, share your contacts (with their permission of course), express your thoughts and experiences thru social media and go above and beyond to show clients what you are willing to do for them. … Continue reading

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Tips for Finding Your Dream Career in Sports – Hit the Field!

careers in sports

Does it ever cross your mind how many people wake up every morning really loving what they do for a living? You will probably spend three quarters of your life hustling to make that dollar. Most people work a 9-5 job because it’s secure and comfortable, but is it truly their passion? I have to say that I wake up every morning looking forward to creating new opportunities and doing some pretty exciting things.  It’s easily attainable for any aspiring sports lover or entrepreneur by following a few steps. Many people ask me everyday, how can I get involved in sports and make a living from it? Well, here are some tips from my experience that may help on your journey. It Starts with True Passion You have to eat, sleep and dream about what you love. If you don’t love it, don’t do it. Cut your loses before you waste any more valuable time.  I was literally born with a baseball in my hand.  Sports was always in my blood and knew from when I was a kid, from collecting my first football and baseball cards in 1982, that I had to make sports my career, if not playing … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Marketing – Dare to Do Something Different

guerilla marketing

In any marketing campaign, you gotta be dare to be different. Many times, off the wall marketing ideas that are different from the norm, can have the most viral effect. The whole point of marketing is to get people talking about your products and services. The funny part is that the most effective campaigns are the ones that people think are initially stupid or don’t seem to make sense, but in fact, those are the marketing campaign’s consumers talk about the most. A great example is Old Spice’s new marketing campaign. The commercials are so strange, but so awesome at the same time. They have completely revived their brand, which was perceived as “Old” just a few years ago. No pun intended. Mission accomplished for the advertiser by daring to be different. After seeing other brands do it, I decided to come up with some clever ideas of my own. During the 2010 Orlando Magic season, I created the StayDwight campaign, to help convince Dwight to stay in Orlando and eventually retire in a Magic uniform. During the playoffs against the Hawks, I decided to dress up two of my friends in Gorilla suits with StayDwight shirts on and sit … Continue reading

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Ryan’s New Contribution to the Web World

Business networking

I like creating new things, coming up with cool new ideas, etc. I’m not a huge fan of writing, but from time to time I’ll provide my thoughts and opinions of a variety of topics such as sports marketing, new business ideas, social media trends and business networking. The web allows us to share our opinions with the world and help others be the best they can be as well. Life is too short not to share our knowledge with close friends and followers.

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