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“What Can I Do For You” is the Attitude All Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Have

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I think many young entrepreneurs have it all backwards. Many are constantly asking others for free handouts and asking what can you do for me and that’s not the way it works in the world if you want to achieve long term success and work in a field you love. You gotta prove yourself to people first. Show that you are in the game for the long haul, a hard working hustler, without expecting instant gratification and monetary return. Don’t maintain a “you owe me” attitude from people. Most times you gotta do things out of the goodness of your heart and not expect anything in return. If you continue to do good things, it would come back 10x through another opportunity.  Sweat equity, your most valuable asset doesn’t cost anything except your valuable time. If you believe in “Karma”, like you should, everything will come back in the end. If you want to become an expert in a specific field, you have to give people free information, share your contacts (with their permission of course), express your thoughts and experiences thru social media and go above and beyond to show clients what you are willing to do for them. … Continue reading

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Tips for Finding Your Dream Career in Sports – Hit the Field!

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Does it ever cross your mind how many people wake up every morning really loving what they do for a living? You will probably spend three quarters of your life hustling to make that dollar. Most people work a 9-5 job because it’s secure and comfortable, but is it truly their passion? I have to say that I wake up every morning looking forward to creating new opportunities and doing some pretty exciting things.  It’s easily attainable for any aspiring sports lover or entrepreneur by following a few steps. Many people ask me everyday, how can I get involved in sports and make a living from it? Well, here are some tips from my experience that may help on your journey. It Starts with True Passion You have to eat, sleep and dream about what you love. If you don’t love it, don’t do it. Cut your loses before you waste any more valuable time.  I was literally born with a baseball in my hand.  Sports was always in my blood and knew from when I was a kid, from collecting my first football and baseball cards in 1982, that I had to make sports my career, if not playing … Continue reading

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Ryan’s New Contribution to the Web World

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I like creating new things, coming up with cool new ideas, etc. I’m not a huge fan of writing, but from time to time I’ll provide my thoughts and opinions of a variety of topics such as sports marketing, new business ideas, social media trends and business networking. The web allows us to share our opinions with the world and help others be the best they can be as well. Life is too short not to share our knowledge with close friends and followers.

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