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Athlete Marketing ExpertAthlete marketing expert, Ryan Totka grew up around sports, started playing at 5 years old and attending games at 6. He became an expert by being involved in every aspect of the game, both as a player, fan and avid marketer. Since then, he’s built AthletePromotions, one of the largest athlete marketing agencies in the country.

Many athletes work with “agents” who are just contract negotiators and not “marketing experts”, what they really need and the way sports marketing is quickly going. These days it’s all about social media and interacting with fans, building their own brands, capitalizing and setting up success for retirement, because playing days only last soo long.

Over the past 12 years Ryan has built, market and managed the official websites, provided social media strategies and booked some of the biggest names in sports for appearances, speaking engagements and autograph signings.

He’s worked with top athletes and sports figures such as Mark Cuban, Dez Bryant, Terrell Owens, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, Clinton Portis, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Brady Anderson, Dan Fouts, Danny White, Marcellus Wiley, Lawrence Taylor, Allen Iverson, Wayne Chrebet, Daunte Culpepper, Darren Collison, Jay Buhner, Ray Lankford, Dan Hampton and many others.

Asides from speaking engagements, athlete appearances, autograph signings and product endorsements, Ryan has created some viral athlete marketing campaigns. For young aspiring sports entrepreneurs, here are his tips to get involved in the sports marketing field.

Being an Orlando resident and die hard Magic fan, in 2011, Ryan started the grass roots campaign,, a fan community to help keep Dwight Howard secure in Orlando. With the departure of Shaq years ago and what we have seen happen in Cleveland with LeBron, he thought it was a must to help rally the community to show Dwight what he means to the city of Orlando and help keep the economy and local businesses going strong for years to come. Check out some of the campaign headlines receiving national exposure from SportsCenter, ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, CBSSports, NBCSports, AOL SportingNews, the Orlando Sentinel, and

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