2019 Baseball Bobblehead Giveaway Promotion Nights

Bobblehead giveaway promotion nights

June 12 Dylan Bundy 1st 25k 15&up Red Sox
July 28 Trey Mancini 1st 25k 15&up Rays

May 14 JD Martinez HR Counter Rockies
June 25 Alex Cora World Series White Sox
July 16 Mookie Betts “Time to Party” Blue Jays
Aug 6 Brock Holt ALDS Hit for Cycle Royals
Sep 3 Andrew Benintendi ALCS Catch Twins
Sep 17 Nathan Eovaldi World Series Giants

New York
April 12 Bernie Williams 1st 18k White Sox
May 4 CC Sabathia Star Wars 1st 40k Twins
May 27 Giancarlo Stanton 1st 18k Padres
July 18 David Cone 1st 18k Rays
Aug 30 Gleyber Torres 1st 18k A’s

March 30 Blake Snell Cy Zilla Astros
June 1 Tommy Pham Twins
Aug 17 Willy Adames Tigers

April 24 Lourdes Gurriel Jr 1st 15k Giants

April 27 Jose Abreu Silver Sluggers 20k Tigers
May 18 Carlos Rondon 20k Blue Jays
July 27 White Sox Spider Man 12k Twins

May 25 Francisco Lindor 15k Rays
June 5 Mike Clevinger 12,500 Twins
Aug 24 Sandy Alomar 12,500 Royals


Kansas City
May 11 Adalberto Mondesi 15k Phillies
July 13 Danny Duffy 15k Tigers
Aug 17 Vintage Bobble 15k Mets

May 24 Joe Mauer #1 HS 10k White Sox
July 19 Joe Mauer #2 Debut 10k A’s
Aug 3 Joe Nathan HOF 10k Royals
Aug 24 Joe Mauer #3 MVP 10k Tigers
Sep 7 Joe Mauer #4 final game 10k Indians


April 5 Mike Trout Silver Slugger Rangers
July 16 Ohtani Astros
Sep 13 Mike Trout Ducks Bobble Rays

April 20 Matt Chapman Gold Glove Blue Jays
June 22 Matt Olson Gold Glove Rays
Sept 8 Bert Campaneris Tigers

April 27 Mitch Haniger “5 Tool” 20k Rangers
May 18 Ken Griffey Jr “Rookie Year” 20k Twins
Aug 9 Edgar Martinez HOF 40k Rays
Sep 14 “Bobblehead Night” White Sox

April 20 Michael Young 15k Astros
May 5 Gary Matthews Jr The Catch 15k Jays
June 1 Josh Hamilton 15k Royals
June 8 Adrian Beltre 3000th Hit A’s
June 22 Ivan Rodriguez 15k White Sox
July 13 Juan Gonzalez 15k Astros
Aug 3 Rusty Greer 15k Tigers
Aug 17 Kenny Rogers 15k Twins
Sep 14 Bengie Molina/Neftali Felez 15k A’s

April 14 Phil the Bucket (Home Depot mascot)
1st 5k Kids 14 and under Mets
April 26 Ronald Acuna 1st HR 15k Rockies
May 16 Josh Donaldson 15k Cardinals
May 19 B-Rush 1st 5k kids 14 and under
June 11 “Swanberson” 15k Pirates
July 5 Walter Banks long-time usher 15k
July 23 Ozzie Albies 1st 7500 Royals
July 24 Ozzie Albies 1st 7500 Royals
Sept 22 Two Bit 1st 5k kids Giants

June 29 Miguel Rojas 1st 10k Phillies
Aug 10 Jose Urena 1st 10k Braves
Aug 24 Billy the Marlin 10k Phillies
Sept 7 Brian Anderson 10k Royals
Sept 21 Pablo Lopez 10k Nationals

New York Mets
April 6 Todd Frazier WWE Day 25k Nationals
April 7 Jacob deGrom Cy Young 25k Nationals
April 27 Noah Syndergaard G.O.T. 25k Brewers
May 25 Robinson Cano Star Wars 25k Tigers
July 7 Spider Man 25k Phillies
July 27 Mr. Met on the Moon 25k Pirates

April 25 Mystery Bobble Marlins
June 21 Chase Utley Marlins
July 14 Ryan Howard Nationals
Aug 18 Aaron Nola Padres

April 12 Juan Soto 1st 25k Pirates
May 15 Trea Turner 1st 25k Mets
May 25 Captain Zimmerman 10k Marlins
June 15 Obi “Sean” Kenobi 10k D-Backs
June 21 Max Scherzer 25k Braves
July 2 Adam Eaton 25k Marlins
Aug 17 Patrick Corbin 25k Brewers

Chicago Cubs
May 10 Cole Hamels 10k Brewers
June 21 Anthony Rizzo 10k Mets
July 15 Kris Bryant 10k Reds
July 19 Jon Lester 10k Padres
Aug 4 Clark Bobble 5k kids Brewers

May 4 Mr Redlegs 20k Giants
May 18 Ernie Lombardi 20k Dodgers
June 1 Joe Morgan 20k Nationals
June 15 Barry Larkin 20k Rangers
July 18 Yasiel Puig 25k Cardinals
July 27 Tony Perez 20k Rockies
Aug 17 Johnny Bench 20k Cardinals
Sep 7 Ken Griffey Jr 20k D-Backs

March 31 Jesus Aguilar Cardinals
May 5 Jeremy Jeffress Mets
June 9 Christian Yelich Pirates
June 30 Prince Fielder Pirates
Aug 11 Josh Hader Rangers
Aug 25 Yasmani Grandal D-Backs

May 4 Jameson Taillon Star Wars 20k A’s
June 1 Chris Archer 20k Brewers
July 20 40th Anniversary World Series 20k
Sept 7 Pirates Spider Man 20k Cardinals
Sept 28 Steve Blass 20k Reds

St Louis
April 6 Mystery Hall of Famer 30k Padres
May 10 Yadi Molina/Roberto Clemente 30k
May 24 Mystery Marcel Ozuna 30k Braves
July 28 MV3 Rolen, Edmonds, Pujals 30k
Sept 14 Stan Musial/Red Schoendienst Double
Bobble 30k Brewers

April 13 Archie Bradley 20k Padres
June 22 David Peralta 20k Giants
July 20 Nick Ahmed 20k Brewers


LA Dodgers
March 30 Walker Buehler D-Backs
April 13 Cody Bellinger Brewers
April 27 Don Newcombe Pirates
May 9 Corey Seager Nationals
June 1 Steve Garvey Phillies
June 13 Joe Kelly Cubs
June 18 Clayton Kershaw Giants
July 20 Fernando Valenzuela Marlins
Aug 22 Bobblehead TBA
Sept 4 Bobblehead TBA
Sept 17 Bobblehead TBA

San Diego
March 30 Swingin Friar Giants
July 27 San Diego Chicken Giants

San Francisco
April 6 Evan Longoria 30k Rays
April 27 Willie Mays 35k Yankees
May 11 Pablo Sandoval 30k Reds
June 29 Dereck Rodriguez D-Backs

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